I am a Newbie but, an Oldie Nomad at heart



I am a Newbie but, an Oldie Nomad at heart. I’m in the process of getting rid of everything I own, I don’t have a house to sell so, my finances and cushion is not that large for finding a rig, and, making this dream work for me. I’m not sure if I was a van or a class C at this point, but, I am learning everything I can to "hopefully be prepared for whatever may present it’self, good and not so good.
Of course, it all depends on budget.
I can’t wait, I used to collect old train sets when I was a kid, I would imagine hopping a freight train to see the USA. I still do, but, this time, I’ll be the driver. :slight_smile:
If anyone is selling “Cheap” Camper Van or Class C “Toyota, preferably” please let me know. Just looking for a start to build on.

Thanks, for the invite.

Many enjoyable, safe adventures…



Do you plan on making money while living on the road?

You should also make a seperate post about this so more people can see I. Do you want me to send you some links to places where you can find thoose for sale?